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Precise Cataract Surgery

Charles J Fetterman MD PC relies on the LenSx Laser for bladeless custom cataract treatment. The LenSx Laser is advanced refractive technology that is used in more cataract surgeries worldwide than any other femtosecond laser. This technology uses advanced automation for precise bladeless incisions to treat cataracts.

The LenSx can be optimized for cornea, capsule, and lens treatments.  Dr. Fetterman and his team can make cleaner incisions as a result of using this technology. This allows us to treat cataracts more effectively than ever before. The treatment can be customized to the eyes of each patient. If you need cataract surgery, trust the team that’s going to do the treatment in an expert fashion with the best technology available. That’s what you get with Dr. Charles Fetterman and LenSx Laser.

Bladeless Custom LenSx® Laser Cataract Surgery

The LenSx Laser is bladeless, ensuring incisions that are gentle, accurate, and precise. The LenSx Laser allows Dr. Fetterman to program the laser to perform precise incisions to match the size, shape, and location of the cataract for each patient, unlike non-laser surgery in which the surgeon relies on less percise traditional handheld surgical instruments. The LenSx Laser also reduces the amount of energy and fluid necessary for cataract removal by softening the lens, therefore, resulting in less post-operative inflammation and much quicker vision recovery. The LenSx Laser can also help correct astigmatism in some patients, giving them improved distance vision without the need for glasses.

Learn More About Our Effective Procedures

Multifocal Lens
This is designed to decrease the patients’ dependence on glasses with better distance and near vision, replacing single focus lenses, which were previously the only option. This gives most patients the ability to read, use a cell phone or iPad, play golf, drive, and more, without wearing glasses. When combined with laser-generated Limbal Relaxing Incisions to reduce astigmatism, multifocal lenses become possible for many patients.

Toric Lens (Astigmatism)
If you have moderate to high astigmatism, you can benefit from clear distance vision without dependence on prescription glasses by choosing a Toric Lens, though you will still may need glasses for near and intermediate vision. Dr. Fetterman and his team can help you decide if this lens implant is suitable for you.

Single-Focus Lens (Basic)
The basic single-focus lens can provide effective vision clearing, though patients will still likely require wearing glasses, especially for reading and intermediate vision.

Laser Arcuate Incisions (LAI) or Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRI)
These types of incisions are effective in decreasing astigmatism for single focus lens patients who want to see as clearly as possible for distance activities, including driving and watching TV without the need for glasses. These patients should expect to use reading glasses for near and intermediate vision tasks. LAIs and LRIs can also be used with multifocal lenses for improved distance and near vision.
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